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Believers of Jesus Christ coming together for fellowship, discussion, prayer, and encouragement

This community was started as a non-denominational community for followers of Jesus Christ. By non-denominational, we simply mean that this community is not affiliated with any one denomination. But is particularly for those seeking to be continually submitted to and led of the Holy Spirit. When it comes to discussions, disagreements, traditions, and customs the Scriptures have the final say. All denominations are welcome, but again... this is not a Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, or Charismatic community. This is a Scriptural, Spiritual discussion community for those followers of Jesus that believe the gospel, that wish to deepen their relationship with Christ by the Holy Spirit, that hunger for His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in all things, and are looking for encouragement, as well as answers to questions concerning prophecy, the end-times, spiritual warfare, demonology, and what is going on in the world and in our Christian communities.


It does not matter if you are a Christian or not, just so long as you are open to learning more about Jesus. HOWEVER, membership is moderated. We do not usually approve journals that have been recently created, nor journals that have little activity, nor journals that are completely locked. If you get rejected look at your journal. When was it created? How many comments have you made/received? Get your journal activity up, make it able to be checked by mods then try again.


1) We understand that discussions can and often may become heated, however Swearing/Cursing is not tolerated.

2) Deleting your comments - for reasons OTHER than grammar, HTML fail, or a double post. (Members WILL call you out, don't expect to get off with making a blanket generalization and expect people to not call you on it.)

3) Deleting another member's comment in your post. Just don't do it.

4) Trolling. By all means, keep conversation to a civil discourse. That means do consider who is reading the entry or entries. If your comments are that annoying that we think you're trolling, you're banned. We don't have time to sort out who's a "genuine" user and who isn't. If it's obvious from your profile that you're just here to be rude and start trouble, you're gone. Just having an unpopular opinion does not make you a troll. Respect other members. That includes the moderators.

5) If of another religion or lack of one, do not disrespect our faith. No prejudiced entries/replies. Also consider that some icons are not appropriate for the community. Posts containing indecent/inappropriate icons will also be deleted.

6) Taking a conflict anywhere else - other communities, private journals, screen names, phone numbers, places of worship - earns you little else than an eyeroll and a quick ban. And when we say ban, we mean make it so you can never join ever again...ever.

7) We do not allow anyone's personal information or private journal entries to be reposted here for gossiping purposes. If someone wishes to disclose personal information for purposes of community prayer, then that's okay. However, posts containing such requests should be community only posts(visible only to this community).

Other posting guidelines

Please do not direct people to post replies elsewhere. If you want comments going to a certain place, please express that in the entry. If it occurs, the moderator(s) have the right to delete the post.

Limit "cross-posting" unless it's your personal journal or for prayer requests.

Prayer requests are encouraged! We should get into the habit of praying for one another.

Posting the personal information of others, links to the journals of others, or links to the communities of others simply for the purposes of causing strife, division, malicious gossip, or because you feel you have to get back at someone is not tolerated. This is not that kind of community.

Keep chain letters/forwards to a minimum. If you want to post it, please use the LJ-Cut feature.

Use the LJ cut feature if you have a long post so the other posts can also be seen. If you use LJ cut for the entire post, we would be grateful if you had a short introductory passage.

Do not promote your community. That's what communitypromo is for.

If you have a problem with one or more members of the community, bring it to the moderators attention ASAP through messaging or through email; either way, we´ll deal with it.

Mod Posts are posted periodically; if you have questions, comments or concerns about the community, address them via replying to the Mod Post or through mail.


Community Counselor:thelivingword

May the Spirit of the Lord comfort your heart, increase your faith, and lead you into understanding all things in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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